Family Law Death Toll

This series of data on the Australian Government’s Family Law Court / Child Support Agency Death Toll used to be published by the Dads on the Air Radio program and was updated monthly on their website. Dads on the Air maintained this series from late 2007 up until late 2011 when, mysteriously, the data simply and quietly vanished.

Not only did Dads on the Air cease publishing this data in late 2011, their web page was “data cleansed” and replaced with innocuous information all but singing the praises of the Australian Government’s Child Support Agency (to be picked up by the thousands of embedded links to this data that had been published criticising the Government’s cold-hearted mistreatment and abuse of these familes (more than 100,000 more families every year).

These and other informal statistics indicate that more than 70 Australians every week (more than 50 distressed dads, 10 distressed mums and 7 distressed children under the age of 18) successfully commit suicide every week as a direct result of trauma suffered at the hands of Australian Government through its agencies such as the Family Court and the Child Support Agency under socially divisive, unconstitutional, human rights violating, and deadly corrupt family laws and processes.

Most weeks, including each of the 6 weeks of the 2010 Federal electoral campaign, as the following data series shows the Family  Law Death Toll is more like 140 deaths per week (that’s 20 deaths per day of ordinary Australians whose lives are / were being administered by the Australian Government via its Child Support Agency).

Respected mental health professionals such as former Australian of the Year Dr Patrick McGorry, estimate that for every one successful suicide attempt there are at least seven unsuccessful suicide attempts.

And sucides are just the tip of a very dirty iceberg of dystopian Government created mental health, financial health, emotional health and quality of life destroying consequences of these corrupt laws, Government institutions and practices – costing the general public billions of dollars annually (and sustaining an enormous number of lawyer, social worker, mental health professional, police, drug and alcohol dealer, grafitti cleaner, property and life insurer, gaol, hospital, construction, banking (especially, repossession) and ultimately funeral and morgue worker livelihoods in the process.  

Factoring in the other depression, poverty and crime, dimished standards of education and other related negative consequences, the social costs of these draconian Australian government laws, policies and practices of these dystopian government agencies are catastrophic for the general community – while being financially lucrative to the small class of lawyers, public servants and other professionals who ‘work’ in these fields.

See my 2010 piece: Legal Authority Warns that Family Lawyers are a Family Health Hazard for a brief introduction to the economics of this $50 Billion plus per year family law industry – a lawyer-enriching Government funded industry that traffics in distressed families and children, generating generations of misery on an industrial scale throughout the general community.

The following message is how Dads on the Air introduced these statistics – Doing, I think, an admirable job of maintaining calm tones having regard to the nightmarish lives, ended (the dead dad’s), ruined (the deceaseds’ children) and impacted (close and extended family members, friends and work colleagues) by these hellish Government driven outcomes.

##Australian Child Support Agency death toll since Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister: 3709 clients [NB: for the 9 months from mid-November 2007 to 31 August 2008]

When elected in November 2007, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he would be a Prime Minister for all Australians. He forgot to include separated families. The high death rate amongst separated men is strongly associated with their mistreatment at the hands of government agencies, including the Child Support Agency (CSA), the Family Court, Legal Aid, Centrelink and their supporting bureaucracies. These agencies systematically strip fathers not just of their beloved children but of their assets and their incomes, with devastating affects on their physical and mental health. What makes this so offensive is that the bureaucrats and judges enforcing this antiquated system perpetuate the myth that they are acting “in the best interests of children”.
The first child support agencies were created by the Bolsheviks in Russia in the early part of last century. They were introduced into Australia to fund the Family Court’s style of custody order which almost invariably favours sole mother custody. Dads on the Air estimates, using all the available and published data, that at least 12 clients of the Australian Child Support Agency die every day. This figure has never been denied by the CSA. While not all of these deaths are suicides by fathers, too many of them are.
We hereby call on the government to publish monthly figures on the number of deaths of CSA clients and to fully investigate every one of these deaths. Even when it has been clear that the CSA has been a major factor in a father’s death, the Agency has refused to appear at inquests using privacy legislation as an excuse. No proper study has ever been conducted into the social and personal impacts of Australia’s despised child support system; and we hereby call on the government to institute such an inquiry as a matter of urgency. As is obvious to almost everyone who has dealt with them, the Australian Child Support Agency is a failed social experiment which should have been abolished a long time ago.”

I am investigating the circumstances of this rather Orwellian 1984 cleansing and rewriting of the public information data bases, with the intention of reconstituting and continuing to publish these statistics here.

So far (9 March 2012) I have republished below only the figures readily to hand, for the months of August 2008 and August and September 2010 (being the months of the hung Australian Federal election that saw Julia Gillard continue (with a minority parliament) as Prime Minister of Australia, in the place of the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd whom she so shamefully betrayed in June of 2010).

These figures as at September 2010 , show a Family Court / Child Support Agency 3 Year Death Toll of 12864 (that’s almost 3,300 a year for three years) are a damning indictment of the Australian Government’s near genocidal policies and practices in what amounts to a Government war on families and the institutions of family, childhood and parenthood.

The Australian Government’s

Family Court / Child Support Agency Death Toll Counter

(since November 2007)


Family Court – Child Support Agency Death Toll

monthly and cumulative (from Nov 2007)


November 2007

December 2007

January 2008

month: – cumulative –

February 2008

month: – cumulative –

March 2008

month: – cumulative –

April 2008

month: – cumulative –

May 2008

month: – cumulative –

June 2008

month: – cumulative –

July 2008

month: – cumulative – 3709

August 2008

month: – cumulative –

September 2008

month: – cumulative –

October 2008

month: – cumulative –

November 2008

month: – cumulative –

December 2008

month: – cumulative –

January 2009

month: – cumulative –

February 2009

month: – cumulative –

March 2009

month: – cumulative –

April 2009

month: – cumulative –

May 2009

month: – cumulative –

June 2009

month: – cumulative –

July 2009

month: – cumulative –

August 2009

month: – cumulative –

September 2009

month: – cumulative –

October 2009

month: – cumulative –

November 2009

month: – cumulative –

December 2009

month: – cumulative –

January 2010

month: – cumulative –

February 2010

month: – cumulative –

March 2010

month: – cumulative –

April 2010

month: – cumulative –

May 2010

month: – cumulative –

June 2010

month: – cumulative –

July 2010

month: – cumulative –

August 2010

month: – cumulative –

September 2010

month: – 448 cumulative – 12493

October 2010

month: – 371 cumulative – 12864

November 2010

month: – cumulative –

December 2010

month: – cumulative –

January 2011

month: – cumulative –

February 2011

month: – cumulative –

March 2011

month: – cumulative –

April 2011

month: – cumulative –

May 2011

month: – cumulative –

June 2011

month: – cumulative –

July 2011

month: – cumulative –

August 2011

month: – cumulative –

September 2011

month: – cumulative –

October 2011

month: – cumulative –

November 2011

month: – cumulative –

December 2011

month: – cumulative –

January 2012

month: – cumulative –

February 2012

month: – cumulative –

March 2012

April 2012

May 2012

June 2012

July 2012

August 2012

September 2012

October 2012

November 2012

December 2012

If this post isn’t enough to shock you, you might want to read Julian Assange’s wikipedia biography entry (under the subheading 1.3 “Custody  Issues”) on his and his extended family’s two decades (half his lifetime) of being two-times abused and tortured in Australia’s Family Court Hell (clearly the inception of his award wining wikileaks career).

Or you might benefit from watching this 2010 interview by Sir Bob Geldof on Fathers (Part 1)


21 thoughts on “Family Law Death Toll

  1. In 1999 at Deakin University suicide prevention social scientist Dr Chris Cantor and colleagues Baume and McTaggart researched Australian male suicides and foud 42 a week suicide – 32 were in family seperation – ages mainly between 24 and 34 years old – 21 were child support payers Or 74% are in family seperation and 50% are child support payers.

    I know the feminist have prevailed upon him to change his finding alleging his bais is unsound. Well nothing could be more unsound that the feminist propaganda that 97% of ‘violence against women’ {why only women} is by men. Directly in the face of Australian Bureau of Statistics finding around 1999 that 28% of violence to women is by other women. Then in about 2006 had increased to 38% and when women attack men it is 77% of the time in the home, viz domestic violence, See ABS data sheet 4906 of 2005.

    Similarly world renown spousal violence reserarcher social scientist Dr Murray Staus has found continually since 1977 that female partners in dating and domestic relationships are a couple of percent the greter perpetrators. He submitted to an Canadian inquiry and was approached by some female public servants if they could make some small modification to which he agreed. When the reprort came out all reference to female perpetrators had been erased.

    That is the same ‘Canadian Model’ recommended by Australian feminist within Government and is what gutless EMILY”s LIst dominated Attorney General Robert McClelland installed and feminist like Jenny Macklin and Tanya Plibersek etc have ‘installe’ throughot all ‘family’ and ‘heterosexual’ administrations – including Child Support where I am both a stakeholder member and payer representative (for hire).

    I am forever hammering CSA that they are the proud record holders of having the highest suicide clientele in Australia. In brief here because CSA especially on ‘self employed’s’ do not follow case facts and the law bur simply AND UNLAWFULLY ‘make up’ incomes that must be earned to be able to pay the ‘overcharged’ amouts of child support. Phone 08 8932 3339 for anyone wanting me to be their chld support representaive to fight CSA and SSAT unlawfulness with ‘law’.
    Regards Robert E Kennedy

    Posted by Robert E Kennedy | May 6, 2012, 11:53 am
    • There are 250,000 separated Australian fathers who evade Child Support and owe $1.2 Billion. (12,500 having fled overseas – CSA 2010). Can you point to any Coroner’s Court findings which link suicides to Family Court decisions?.

      “Women’s violence to male partners certainly does exist, but it tends to be very different from that of men towards their female partners; it is far less injurious and less likely to be motivated by attempts to dominate and terrorise the partner” The Law Commission has referred to one study which was significant in its account of what women did not do (but which constituted tactics frequently employed by violent men) – “No husband was threatened with a gun, or chased with knives, axes, broken bottles or by a car. Husbands were not kicked or stamped on, with steel-capped boots or heavy work boots. Strangling or choking were not used. No wife attempted suffocation with a pillow. Husbands were not locked out, confined to particular areas of the house, or isolated from friends. No wife has ever killed her husband inside Family Court premises or immediately following a Family Court ordered counselling session. Security is not routinely required to ensure wives do not behave violently inside Family Court premises”. Butterworth’s Family Law Journal Dec.2004.

      Males are four times more likely to be killed by a close male friend (Best mate) than they are by a female with whom they are involved in a relationship.

      Could these perhaps have been some of the reasons why the Dad’s On Air ceased spreading their memes and myths.?.

      Posted by Jarl Ragnvald | August 23, 2012, 10:58 pm
  2. Gender argument needs to be removed and the pubic united on removing corruption and collusion. The suicide figures are incorrect, yes more males complete suicide but not in family courts…..more Indegenous males commit suicide which adds to family separation and definitions are confused…not in family court.

    Posted by Joseph | August 20, 2012, 6:53 pm
  3. If you look at the funding allocations by government – women’s groups receive enormous financial support while organisations such as lone fathers have their funding cut. The only winners in the Family Court are lawyers and their bills are usually paid by men. I actually received a refund from the CSA when my son turned 18, as I had overpaid!

    Posted by Bernie Provan | August 25, 2012, 9:12 pm
  4. It is classic “Lord of the Flies”

    Posted by Steven Wickenden | August 26, 2012, 8:34 am
  5. May like to see what this guy has just gone through …

    Posted by stevewickenden | August 28, 2012, 5:23 pm
  6. Should the Family court be used to gag the family of a victim of paedophilia in order to hide the child sex crimes?
    A member of this family killed himself after being bullied into silence by the Family court.
    St John International in London last week decided to go ahead with Queen’s awards to the two serial paedophiles in their employ.
    Please publicise this New Zealand tragedy James.

    Posted by frankpjackson | November 3, 2012, 6:41 pm
  7. Why won’t you contact ME. I am the only female this has happened to under, I allege the guidance of Cheryl King as in Magill vs Magill and she was having an affair with the ex, as claimed in court.and got the CSA to take $1300 a month from me so I attempted suicide but was restrained. I was screaming holding the letter to pay a multimillionaire this much a month leaving me with a few hundred after rent AND TWO BADLY ABUSED DAUGHTERS TO TOTALLY SUPPORT.

    No justice yet. And Sue Price backed this man.BIT OF A SHOCK GUYS ISN’T IT!!


    Posted by elle werne | July 9, 2013, 2:53 pm
  8. I can relate. Were is not for Christ I would have put a bullet in my head too. This is my story as told by 60 Minutes last year:

    Posted by RipOffReport Victims (@RipOffReportVic) | November 10, 2013, 10:54 am
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  10. 2-12-12
    To all those with morals and to all those who love all children, that this David J. Glass Esq. PhD would giggle & laugh at me while waiting to see the judge. Shortly after this attached letter dated 2-12-12 was received by the community of Malibu, CA this David J. Glass Esq. PhD conspired to injure a 3rd party (myself), suborned perjury and falsified evidence just before he closed down his practice and went to FMBK Law. The CA State Bar has just received a 2nd complaint regarding this matter.

    2-12-12 Mr. Graham J Miller


    To The Principals of Malibu Elementary Schools and To Whom it may concern within the LAUSD and SMMUSD administrations, Directors or other persons.
    Dear Sir Madam or MS,

    I am writing to you firstly as a parent. I have a child in a Malibu public school. I am also writing as a Citizen, and therefore concerned in a more global manner with issues that I personally find disturbing and relevant. I believe a possible failure to perform to ethical codes of several professions, let alone what any normal person may find to be reasonable is about to, and could in the future lead to embarrassment, public consternation and at best a complete lack of faith ,trust and confidence in the above agencies.

    I have recently been informed by my daughter Lily-Jane Faith Miller that her mother has taken her out of Callahan elementary (Northridge); and she is now at some school in Malibu district. (Grade 2)

    My reasons for my concern follow.

    Within the Malibu school district there is a teacher, (C Cullen) who has accused her ex-husband of two counts of sexual abuse of their son, and 5 other counts of abuse of their son (11). This alleged abuse according to Ms. Cullen and her Attorney took place over the past 5 years.

    I would like a notation in my daughter’s file that she is never to be placed in class with the above person as her “(my daughters)” teacher. I apologize in in that I amenable to provide more details on my daughter’s whereabouts (school) but her Mom has not provided that info. I’m sure Dr Jacob the principal at Callahan would be able to assist.

    In MS Cullen’s divorce and custody case she utilized the services of a Mr. D Glass Esq.(Attorney) Mr Glass is also a PhD in Psychology .Mr. Glass was also utilized by the mother of my daughter, Lily -Jane in my own divorce and custody matter. Mr. Glass a Psychologist/ Attorney and mandated reporter saw fit to bring allegations of sexual abuse of a child and 4 allegations of other forms of abuse of MS Cullen’s son Sammy before family court. These all were investigated by the Police DCFS, and the District Attorney. They were found to be without either Medical or Credentialed 3rd party verification and closed therefore as unsubstantiated. These allegations were brought by MS Cullen via the services of Mr. Glass and occurred regularly before the summer school break on a yearly basis. MS Cullen had also recently remarried a Mr Brian Winsick another Teacher and coach in the Conejo Valley. Their marriage took place just prior to the allegations beginning.

    I will now outline my concerns and reasons for the request of the notation in my daughters file.

    It is my belief that the relationship between this teacher Ms. Cullen and her attorney and my own ex-wife and the same attorney is cause for reasonable concern. That to avoid any unfortunate incident where god forbid I was to be accused by my daughter’s mother of something similar as MS Cullen accused her ex-husband of it is imperative no establish able link is in place as could lead to suspicion of collusion. The worst case scenario that Ms. Cullen at some time becomes my daughters teacher and subsequently claims are made that perhaps my daughter had inferred to MS Cullen that I had abused her ( Lily-Jane) and MS Cullen then could relate this to my daughters mother through their mutual attorney, or contact at school is beyond horrific. I feel the separation of my daughter and this teacher protects LAUSD/SMMUSD and my daughter and me.

    In a more global sense I am concerned that a teacher married to another teacher and coach and an attorney who is also licensed as a psychologist made no attempt to make aware the LAUSD or the SMUSD of their concerns. (Two allegations of Sexual abuse and five other allegations of abuse.) Surely some ethical codes of their respective professions would demand other relevant or parties who could be impacted be advised.

    When a teacher finds the resources to pay $500 an hour to a Beverly Hills Attorney for 5 years surely there is a need for verification that such allegations will bring in terms of the expenses the County and State will bear during the protracted conflict. Especially if the accused has been made indigent by the continued claims and has suffered stress or work issues stemming from such accusations and is no longer paying taxes.

    As a parent I certainly would be outraged if I knew my child’s teacher was aware of a legitimate abuse situation and if, as in this case it included Sexual Abuse allegations and that teacher did nothing to bring attention to it as could protect other children I would expect answers. Specifically why and how a person(s) (2 Teachers, (Coach), An Attorney/Psychologist) would go ahead and consciously disregard accusations of such a serious nature, and then they having brought these allegations before family court and the district attorney go ahead and let other parents arrange activities with the person they were accusing of abuse in a manner as would expose other children to the accused.

    What is more disturbing and I expect the press will find disturbing is that repeated allegations of this nature are often utilized in family conflicts and that this is acceptable is in fact a failure of morality within our society. I believe this failure may have had a profound societal impact.

    That the failure of an application of evidentiary standards as are normally applied in criminal matters may have allowed credentialed persons possibly with questionable motive to use family court in a manipulative and deceitful way to achieve their own ends appears to me to be worthy of consideration.

    This epidemic of claims of abuse of children caught in such situations, (family breakups) versus children, who suffer actual abuse , desensitizes the general public and governmental agencies and allows real and dangerous criminals to hide and operate with virtual impunity in our society. It is beyond Peter and the Wolf it is an ongoing crime against humanity. To falsely perpetrate something that I believe leads to what we are now facing in the LAUSD and SMMUSD and may have exacerbated, perpetuated and indeed by lack of action condoned events and actions that possibly has led to emotional; mental and even physical harm to any child is heinous.

    I believe because of the actions as I have described many prior red flags have been ignored in many abuse situations and much suffering and harm and expense could have been avoided if a less commonplace attitude of children was the norm.

    Indeed in the immediate situation with (C Cullen, B Winsick )either the allegations were scurrilous and a product of vitriol, and an attorney(PhD Psych) with who knows what motivation (7 Claims) and that these claims were worthy of public expense .Or these persons were aware the claims they were bringing were false and therefore not worthy of reporting to LAUISD/SMUSD or other parents.? The alternative is an admission of negligent lack of reasonable due diligence and surely a great lack of concern for the school both pupils and other teachers and parents has been flagrantly displayed in total disregard for the safety and welfare of minors. Whether this is or should be a concern for the bond holders of these persons I do not know. Mr. Glass, Glass family Law and former associate of (Kolodny & Anteau) One of the most respected family law firms in the United States (Mel Gibson Getty, etc.) has been investigated by the CA Bar already in this matter and while the complaint was not upheld a letter suggesting the possibility of civil redress was issued by them.

    The APA also found he did no wrong apparently within their own ethics code.

    The fact remains an Attorney/Psychologist and a Teacher and a Teacher/Coach surely have some duty to the community. The positions of trust and respect they are afforded should allow the general public a reasonableness within their expectation of propriety and protection of the innocent by such credentialed persons.

    Perhaps the LAUSD/SMUSD could incorporate or suggest to the CA Bar a cooperative relationship of a professional nature that would allow this protection to be afforded our children as well as draft a code for the LAUSD/SMUSD’s own employees in such situations.

    Certainly recent events could lead one to surmise that a better clarified way of maintaining the safety and welfare of our children, from both bonifide and false claims of abuse would be helpful. The harm that both real and imagined events can bring to families, as well as collateral persons and an institution such as children’s learning environment should be minimalized at all times.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Graham J Miller.

    885 Avenue of the Americas

    Penthouse 1A

    New York. NY. 10001

    Posted by Hollander | April 21, 2014, 1:47 am
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    Posted by Patrick Fragel | August 8, 2014, 7:39 pm
  13. Hi James love your work. Have linked your death rate stats to nt blog article but says this page has expired. Do you have another source? For anyone interested I believe I have got to the real agenda behind Family courts

    Posted by Dave Robinson | April 10, 2015, 8:34 am
  14. 2010 is the year when the Australian Government stole my child and they are alienating him untill today. The sory is described in a UN Human Rights Decision CCPR 2279/2013

    Posted by Arek | July 24, 2016, 5:02 pm


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