James Johnson, Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor

BEc (Hons) LLB. Journalist. Development Economist. Law Reformer. Whistleblower.

Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer & Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (Commonwealth of Australia).


James is a prominent Australian constitutional lawyer, human rights campaigner, innovative thinker and whistleblower, noted for powerful oratory and written skills, which he puts to good use in the law courts, as a media commentator and as an author, playwrite and filmmaker.

Early Years

James was born in 1964, on the outskirts of suburban Melbourne, the son of poor, and poorly educated,  working class parents.  James learned the value and importance of hard work at an early age.  By the  age of 11 James was already working forty hours, most weeks, to help support his parents and younger sisters, while attending local government schools.

A gifted student, James achieved astonishing year 12 results that, combined with multiple part time jobs and a benevolent scholarship, enabled him to attend University from 1982, still financially supporting his disabled (divorced) mother and his two younger sisters.

James graduated from Monash University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Economics (Class IIA Honours) and graduated again in 1989 with a Bachelor of Laws.

In 1990 James was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Victoria.

James began his corporate legal career in 1989, as an articled clerk with international Australian law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth in Melbourne, rising to Senior Associate in 1992 before being headhunted by global Australian law firm Minter Ellison in 1994.  In 1999 James left Minters to establish his own boutique corporate and government law legal practice.  You can view James’ impressive legal credentials here. 

James is the author of more than a hundred published works on topics as diverse as economics, politics, Australian history, world history, law, civil liberties and human rights. From late 1998 until mid 2003 James wrote a monthly column for the Victorian Law Institute Journal.

During a 20 plus year legal career James has provided top-tier legals and advisory services to hundreds of major Australian and International Corporations, and worked with all tiers of government in Australia. These include 19 of Australia’s top 20 (and 48 of the top 54) most profitable ASX listed Companies.  (source: based on Business Review Weekly’s Top 1000 Corporate Money Earners for 2010).

In 2007 James became the victim of a cruel legal fraud – his first experience of the widespread, judicially sanctioned corruption, cruelty and extortion, that happens on a daily basis in Australia’s law courts and offices and bureaucracies, under the knowing eyes of uncaring and complicit politicians (most of whom, by non-coincidence are lawyers too).  Having spent 20 years working with legal, business and government elites, negotiating and documenting billion dollar deals and projects James was ill-equipped and completely unawares of the extortions and corruptions practiced on ordinary domestic Australians by litigation lawyers (and the judges they appoint  to their courts).

On 18 January 2010 (Martin Luther King Day, Public Holiday in the United States of America), James declared himself as an Independent Candidate for the Australian House of Representatives in the “Labor landmark” of his home electorate of Lalor, only to have the Australian government refuse to recognise his nomination, leaving him off the ballot papers for the August 2010 Australian federal election.

Since 2007 James has continued to fight for justice for himself and for others, whilst being forced to enduring increasingly vicious, and increasingly blatant, reprisals from corrupt government and legal agencies – including the very regulatory and ethical agencies that were supposedly set up to protect whistleblowers.

Since 2008 James has acquired a portfolio of involvements and watching briefs in important human rights causes and cases in Australia, defending ordinary Australians from Government abuse in areas such as family rights, child rights, marriage rights, elder rights, indigenous rights, political rights.  

Following a series of aggravated burglaries and home invasions (which the police refuse to prosecute despite sworn confessions and even civil judicial rulings against the transgressor), unprotected by “the law” James was forced to leave Victoria in 2009 for the relative safety of exile.  The “last straws” included a 4am car-bombing (May 2009) that the police refused to investigate.

James is an outspoken advocate for the need for independent (ie non-lawyer controlled) investigations of sections of the Australian legal profession, the judiciary and legal regulators, ombudsmen, police, politicians (98% of whom are lawyers) and other taxpayer funded Government legal institutions.

James has also pledged himself an active campaigner for constitutional, political and justice reforms.

James recognises the formidable barriers to justice that exist in a legal system that has been fully-designed, built, owned and operated by and for the ruling Australian lawyer political elite for generations.

Seeking to warn and to inform wider audiences, James has turned the stories and transcripts from several important human rights cases into screen plays for theatre and cinema projects. These include James’ first screen plays “The Crucible” and Soylent Green and Gold.

James’ current projects include latest projects:

  • a book and screenplay “Solving Debtocracy – Getting the World back on the Path to Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law.”


  • a book and screenplay “Lawyerocracy – How Australia’s lawyer elites hijacked our political parties, parliaments and governments.


You can contact James:

  • By SMS (text only, and only from within Australia) sent to: [disabled for security reasons] (please note that there is no voice answer or voice message service attached to this account.)
  • By EMAIL to: [disabled for security reasons] 
  • By Mail to PO BOX 6137 Point Cook Town Centre, Point Cook, Victoria 3030, Australia 

All information that you send to James (including your identity and contact details) will be kept strictly confidential and private. No personal or identifying information will be disclosed or used in any way without your consent.

Please understand that all of James political actions (and any associated actions in the law courts and in the media) are funded entirely out of James’ private purse – which has been aggressively pulverised by unlawful reprisals and other McCarthyist actions of the Australian lawyer-ruled government.

Please also understand that within Australia alone, there are tens of thousands of Australian human rights victims of the Australian Government – victims of the the de-humanising and human rights abusing internal affairs and foreign affairs practises of our taxpayer-funded governmen and governwomen.

James Johnson, Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor  

(Published: 05/26/2011. Last Updated: 03/21/2012)



10 thoughts on “About

  1. How can i contact you by email.

    Posted by korrupsjon | July 5, 2011, 6:57 pm
  2. Julia Gillard is a complete disaster. If you believe you can improve on leadership governance and accountability and take a humanitarian insighted approach you should give her a run for her money.

    I am unable to either follow new people or re-follow on Twitter as I have reached the limits of the standard 2000 or so following. No limits on follows, but the ratio needs to balance out.

    I continue to speak out very loudly against many current Labour Party policies. I do not support the Liberals or Liberal Democratic Party or their philosophies but I can see how easy the Gillard Government is making it for them.

    I would not wish to see Julia Gillard or Chris Bowen in any position of power in the future. Nor do I beleive that Kevin Rudd can deliver.

    The way things are going Labour may well be enjoying its last period in Office for a long tine. It is no longer possible to distinguish between Labour and Liberal policies and philosophies. We have already returned to the evil Howard era with Pacific-like Solutions, rejection of internatoinal moral and legal obligations; and a carbon tax policiy that facilitates massive growth in the gas industry whilst deceptively projecting the package as heading for a clean energy future without regard to the science or the facts. There is a growing proportion of the population utterly disillusioned.


    Madeleine Kingston

    skylark100AU1 Twitter (mostly humanitarian issues

    skylark100AU2 Twitter (ecology, environment, sustainability, energy and utility policy)

    Posted by Madeleine Kingston | August 14, 2011, 3:38 pm
  3. Dear James (Johnson)

    Glad we are maintaining contact through this blog and Twitter. I appreciate your interest in my views.

    You should know that as a voter I seek answers to probing questions of those in political or Government office (though rarely receive satisfactory answers); and those seeking to occupy such office.

    I quote from your blog above:


    “The current Federal Member for Lalor, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, is an authoritarianism, far-left “Labor Princess” who was implanted into the Lalor electorate by her Australian Labor Party on the 1998 retirement of former quiz-show champion Barry Jones, making Lalor one of the most neglected Federal Electorates in Australia for more than a decade.”


    I have no difficulty accepting that Julia Gillard is authoritarian

    No do I doubt the assertion that Ms Gillard’s appointment as Federal Member for Lalor has led to gross neglect of that constituency.

    I would go further and suggest that Ms Gillard, despite any perceived skin-deep charms, appears to lack moral fibre; has appalling leadership skills; appears to have little regard for accountability; poor grasp of economic principles and waning popularity.

    This sadly may well mean that the evil Opposition party whose principles Ms Gillard and her supporters appear to embrace despite all protests from them to the contrary.

    However, given that Ms Gillard appears to be learning so far to the Right as to make a mockery of the core principles of Labour as I had once understood them, my first question to you is:

    Q Why do you refer to La Gilliard, viz. Julia Gillard Prime Minister as a far-left “Labor Princess” (rather than far-Right)


    If you can manage a satisfactory answer to this publicly and would also wish to discuss further offline, let me know. I have asked the same question on Twitter on @skylark100AU1.

    I am also discussing unacceptable policies in relation to ecological, environmental and energy/utility policies, which are appear to be far from embracing scientific principles, accountability, due care and concern for the future of the planet and of Australia’s obligations to its own population and to the impacts on its immediate and further neighbours.

    On my eco account @skylark100AU2 and elsewhere I will when time permits resume my discussions relating to my perceptions that current policies reflect the likelihood that Labour policies are “in bed with the fossil fuel industry” with blanket sanction of massive growth in the gas industry, whilst deceptively suggesting that the policies will lead to a Clean Energy Future. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is not the time to explore this further but I can substantiate my views with copious referencing and reliance on credible opinion.

    By the way I am a great admirer of Julian Burnside, QC AO and of Geffrey Robertson, QC. I extensively cite the former on mandatory immigration detention issues; distortion and failure to uphold international obligations and alleged crimes against humanity of the Australian Government (at the time relating to the evil Howard era), but just as applicable now. More about this another time, but my Twitter account does cover some ground and Topsy trackbacks. @skylark100AU1 Topsy.


    Madeleine Kingston

    skylark100AU1 (Twitter – mostly humanitarian and human rights issues focus refugee/asylum policies; political prisoners; forced migration; genocide, abuse and the like; failure to embrace international provisions human rights)

    skylark100AU2 (Twitter a/c – dedicated eco, environment, energy and utility policy. Includes impacts climate change and resulting forced migration)

    PS I prefer locus of control. Twitter policies are strict about many 3rd party applications and their use, but in any case I prefer to personalize my choice or rejection of followers. I have reached the limits of allowed ratio following:follows, but prefer relevant genuine followers than bots and others for the sake of increasing numbers. There are no limits to numbers of follows, but quality over quantity, always.

    Posted by Madeleine Kingston | August 15, 2011, 4:44 pm
  4. I seek honest and prompt answers to honest questions.

    I am willing to go that extra mile to expose rorts and inadequate federal and state or global policies or filaures

    I have no funds to donate to any cause. I have spirit integrity and morl standards that I stand by. That is all. I will not be compromised. If my position means that any part gains control notwithstanding my protests and moral stance, so be it.

    However, I will not support compromise. Period.

    Whilst I am willing to the right people and/or philosophies to provide ammuniation, the offier is not unconditional. I need to be quite quite what and why I am supporting anything.

    A philosophy offered by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) proferred a position purporting commitment to humanitarian principles that I challenged and ultimately publicly derided. I have disucssed this publicly and am willing to do so again. Similar positions not acceptable to me.

    My moral and philosophical position is not up for compromise. I take a take it or leave it position. Too bad if those not ddelivering; not capable of delivering; will not deliver; are too far compromise; have always been compromised; are in the pockets of the the Lobbyocracy or Murdocracy.

    Deliver and you might be in.

    Otherwise expect to fail e.g:

    a) Fail to communicate effectively and honestly;

    b) Silence dissent at any level;

    c) Lose moral compass; (my estimate as a voter) including the upholding of international laws such as including customary laws) More details and links to follow future inputs ( esp refugee, asylum political prisonors, genocide; unconscionable trade agreements; unconscionable regional asylum; refugee solutions such as the Pacficic Solution and similar; swap dals such as the #MalaysianSolution #NauruSolution #PNGSolution (#ManhusIslandIsolution) any future #EastTimorSolution) #ChristmasIslandSolution’ and other Regional #refugee #asylum solution, whether or note endorsed by respected academics, #UNHCR, globally respected bodies or individuals

    d) Lose the plot fail to understand the basics;

    e) get in bed with the fossil fuel industry (including the gas industry and its expansion; concelaed as a Carbon Tax Package or similar whether industry solution or direct action Solution)

    f) Use pragmatic support options in a secondary Coaltion capacity (can explain further)

    f) Adopt Anarchistic options

    and you lose me as a voter or potential voter


    Madeleine Kingston

    Australian Voter

    skylark100AU1 (Twitter – mostly humanitarian and human rights issues focus refugee/asylum policies; political prisoners; forced migration; genocide, abuse and the like; failure to embrace international provisions human rights)

    skylark100AU2 (Twitter a/c – dedicated ecolosy, environment, energy and utility policy. Includes impacts climate change and resulting forced migration)

    Posted by Madeleine Kingston | August 15, 2011, 10:18 pm
  5. Neith Libs nor Labor have made any efforts to protect innocent kids and parents in family courts…and have allowed professionals and judiciary rort the system……..which is a huge concern for those who care…………

    Posted by Robert | August 20, 2012, 6:58 pm


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