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Australia’s Dirtiest Secrets. Julia Gillard is no Feminist Hero.

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From John Pilger, writing for the Guardian October 15, 2012:

Gillard is the embodiment of the Australian Labor party machine – a number-crunching machine long bereft of principle that has attacked and betrayed Australia’s most vulnerable people, especially women.

Shortly before Gillard’s lauded rant against Abbott, her government forced through legislation that stripped A$100 from the poorest single parents – almost all of them women. Even Labor’s own caucus reportedly regarded this as “cruel”. But that is nothing compared with Gillard’s attacks on Aboriginal people, who remain Australia’s dirty secret, suffering preventable diseases such as trachoma (blindness in children), which has been eliminated in much of the developing world, and scourges that hark back to Dickensian England, such as rheumatic heart disease, even leprosy. I have seen Aboriginal homes in which 30 people are forced to live, because the government refuses to build public housing for them. Indigenous young people are incarcerated in Australian prisons at five times the rate of black South Africans during the apartheid era.

Gillard has continued with gusto the authoritarian and mendacious 2007“emergency intervention” designed to push Aboriginal Australians off their valuable land and box them into “hub centres”: a version of apartheid. She and her indigenous affairs minister, Jenny Macklin, have implemented this inhumanity in defiance of international law. In a speech last year, Gillard, like most of her predecessors, blamed the victims of Australia’s unresolved rapacious past and present. I have just spent several months in Aboriginal Australia; and the views I have gathered from remarkable, despairing, eloquent indigenous women of Gillard and her “feminism” are mostly unknown, ignored or dismissed in this country. Watching Gillard address the UN last month and claim that Australia embraced “the highest ideals” of human rights law was satirical, to say the least. Australia has been repeatedly condemned by the UN for its racism.

Gillard came to power by plotting secretly with an all-male cabal to depose the elected prime minister, Kevin Rudd. Two of her conspirators,according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, sought inspiration in the US embassy where Gillard enjoyed an unusually high approval rating. This was understandable. Her views on aggressive war might be described as neanderthal if they were not Victorian; referring to the dispatch of Australian colonial troops to Sudan in 1885 to avenge a popular uprising against the British, she described the forgotten bloody farce as “not only a test of wartime courage, but a test of character that has helped define our nation and create the sense of who we are“. Invariably flanked by flags, she uses such guff to justify sending more young Australians to die in faraway places, essentially as American mercenaries – more soldiers have died under her watch than that of any recent prime minister. Her true feminist distinction, perversely, is her removal of gender discrimination in combat roles in the Australian army. Thanks to her, women are now liberated to kill Afghans and others who offer no threat to Australia. 

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3 thoughts on “Australia’s Dirtiest Secrets. Julia Gillard is no Feminist Hero.

  1. The reason aboriginals get trachoma is that they allow their dogs to shit everywhere. The flies get into he dogshit, and then onto people’s faces and in their eyes. If you don’t believe that, you have never dealt with Australian bush flies – not he same thing as house flies.
    Iow: white people live longer than aboriginals because of the *way* we live. you cannot both “respect” indigenous culture and also have a 70 year lifespan. An attempt was made, 50 years ago, to improve the lot of aboriginal children. To lift them out of squalor. These kids are now called “the stolen generation”, and everyone agrees they have been much better off spending their childhoods in a dungheap.

    Posted by Paul | October 24, 2012, 12:16 am
    • I think you will find before european contact Aboriginal people lived to a similar age white australians now enjoy, at the time europeans got to Atsralia they were lucky to live to 65 years of age, life expectancy has done a full swap, the fact Aboriginal people lived longer before contact says more than all of the propaganda the murdochracy can force feed the sheep, it sad that education is still lacking as proven above, in Australia people seem to be lazy and wont do any research themselfs, thats what happens when a country refuses to teach its disgusting history or politics, breeds ignorance

      Posted by SS | December 21, 2012, 12:23 pm
      • so SS what is your solution? Continue giving aboriginals more reason to stay uneducated, unemployed and poor? It may be an unpopular thought but it seems the more we give in handouts to the aboriginals, the more damage we are doing to them in the long run. It seems to be fostering an aboriginal industry where they unfortunately stay reliant (with both hands out) and it does not solve any issues. I suspect you have no idea of the reality of aboriginal life in remote outback Australia, where kids are bullied if they make any effort at school for trying to be a ‘whitie’ – that’s if they even go to school. Teaching history or politics the way you want it taught is hardly likely to make any worthwhile contribution in their lives.

        Posted by WG | March 9, 2013, 4:44 pm

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