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I stand as one WITH Julian Assange


I stand as one WITH Julian Assange

I stand as one WITH Julian Assange tomorrow, today, and yesterday.

I stand as one with the thousands who will attend rallies around Australia and around the world tomorrow in support of Julian Assange, in support of Julian’s mother Christine Assange, and in support of Wikileaks.

How dare @JuliaGillard‘s illegitimate puppet Australian government wage civil lawfare abroad against its own citizens, on behalf of a cartel of corrupt, foreign governments, against the interests of the Australian people.

And how dare the @GreensMPs pretend support for Julian Assange, while failing to give him the best protection that only they can. Julian should have last month become the newest Greens Senator for Tasmania (pending a proper Federal election in 2013), via a casual Senate vacancy created by a timely departure from a well past his use-by-date, @SenatorBobBrown.

The Australian Greens had the means to rush Julian Assange to political and diplomatic safety. And the Australian Greens should have saved Julian, bringing him home to Australia, beyond the reach of the failed, corrupt European Arrest Warrant system, using “for good rather than for evil” the same same constitutional chicanery device (the post-Whitlam-Dismissal section 15 of the Australian Constitution) that has us suffering the installation of an unelected ‘casual vacancy filler’ Senator @BobJCarr as @KruddMP‘s replacement as Foreign Minister (and number 3 in line to the Prime Ministership).

Should anything bad happen to Julian Assange out of the outrageous corrupt EAW proceedings in the UK this week, his blood, and the blood of all of us, the blood of the wattle that stains our unlucky country, will be on the hands of every Australian parliamentarian, bureaucrat and judicial officer for failing to do everything in their power, as they legally and constitutionally should have done, to protect Julian and to advance his pro-democracy causes.

I have given my word to my Australian people, and to Julia Gillard that:

.. One day, when our shambolic constitutional, political, legal and broader systems of government have been sufficiently injected with new life, decent bums on the benches, and a semblance of functionality, there will be a legal and constitutional reckoning for you. You have my word on this. For now, I enclose your ‘conduct’ money a Daily Zone 1 / 2 Metcard (your maximum legal entitlement, if any) to cover you to travel by public transport to the Tribunal @21May12. ”

In the meantime, and especially tomorrow, all our thoughts and actions must be with Julian Assange and his brave mother, Christine Assange. Let’s hope that their efforts to inspire the people to reclaim truth, justice, equity and the law are not dealt another corrupt blow tomorrow at the hands of the overwhelmingly corrupt, morally and politically bankrupt, human rights violating cartel of foreign (and Australian) governments that have kept an uncharged Australian abroad under UK house arrest and daily reporting to authorities for over 530 days now.

More reading on the Taking of Julian Assange:





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 To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” – Abraham Lincoln

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jnr.

Australia is a 1st rate nation ruled by a 4th generation of 5th rate lawyers, who abuse our luck” – James Johnson 

 Reclaiming Truth, Justice, Equity and the Law. Touch One, Touch All.” – James Johnson

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