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Seven Little Australians

"Seven Little Australians" (sometimes played as "Forty-Seven Aussie Samurai" joins "The Crucible" and "Soylent Green and Gold" as the third instalment of Documentaries / Plays in James Johnson's Whistleblower series "The Lie of The Law." ... ☞☞☞ ...

       Seven Little Australians (or, as it is sometimes played out under its alternate title, “Forty-Seven Aussie Samurai”) is the third instalment in James Johnson’s whistleblower, legal documentary series ‘The Lie of the Law‘.

Like the first two in the series, The Crucible (courtesy of corrupt Family Court proceedings at Brisbane, January 2010) and Soylent Green and Gold (courtesy of corrupt Federal Court proceedings at Hobart, November 2010), it is inspired by taking true Court transcripts (and in this case, other historical records) and serving them up under the recycled label of an acknowledged, world acclaimed classic.

The original Seven Little Australians (1894) is a much loved classic Australian children’s novel by Ethel Turner, set mainly in Sydney in the 1880s, that relates the adventures of the seven mischievous Woolcot children, their stern army father Captain Woolcot and their flighty stepmother Esther.

In James Johnson‘s recycling of this classic title, the not quite “seven” and far from “little” Australians, include living and historical human rights champions, whistle blowers and even a few human rights abusers.  Each of these extraordinary Australians tell their stories of injustice and corruption in the government and the law, their efforts to surive, to expose and to defeat it, or how they got away with, and the forces of goverment order and law that they exploited (the “tyrants”) or had rallied against them (the pro-democracy “whistleblowers”).

The “little” Australians’ vary from performance to performance (in order to keep the performances fresh and to encourage many ‘happy’ returns visits from the audience members.  They include prominent and not so prominent Australians such as (Saint) Mary McKillop, Lindy Chamberlain, Pauline Hansen, Julia Gillard, Matthew Brady, Ben Hall, Ned Kelly, Peter Lalor, George Howe, William Wentworth, Julian Assange, Frank Hardy, Sidey Nolan, Donald Horne, Donald Mackay, Marcus Einfeld, Geoffrey Robertson QC, Andrew Wilkie, Eddie (Koko) Mabo, Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop, Hetty Johnson, Danny Johnson, and even, on special occasions, the author himself.

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Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer & Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (Commonwealth of Australia). Advocating Smaller, Open Governments with Lower Taxes and Smaller, Faster, Better Bureaucracy. Also Advocating Justice & Politics Reforms. Defending Families & Civil Rights and Freedoms. I also blog at


One thought on “Seven Little Australians

  1. ‘The Lie Of The Law’ ==> Perhaps, we will find the answer to why the public is kept in the dark about the facts! Keep the fires burning, James. Innocent people who trust the courts have been terribly wronged. Judicial and bureaucratic abuses are real.

    Posted by Arlen Wood | April 30, 2012, 10:00 pm

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