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Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Aung San Suu Kyi and Michael Aris Honoured by Joint Nomination for 2012 Nobel Prize for Peace

 Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Aung San Suu Kyi and Michael Aris honoured by joint nomination for 2012 Nobel Prize for Peace

... ☞☞☞ ... Julian Paul Assange is best known as the editor in chief and founder of WikiLeaks, a media website which has published material about extrajudicial killings in Kenya, toxic waste dumping in Côte d'Ivoire, Church of Scientology manuals, Guantanamo Bay procedures, banks such as Kaupthing and Julius Baer, Iraq War documents and Afghan War documents about American involvement in the wars, and U.S. diplomatic cables. Assange has made public appearances in many parts of the world to speak about freedom of the press, censorship, and investigative journalism. He has received numerous awards and nominations, including the 2009 Amnesty International Media Award, Readers' Choice for TIME magazine's 2010 Person of the Year, the 2011 Sydney Peace Foundation gold medal and the 2011 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism. Snorre Valen, a Norwegian parliamentarian, nominated him for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. ... ☞☞☞ ...

The following is the text of my letter to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee of the Norwegian Storting (Parliament) seconding  the parliamentary group of The Movement of the Icelandic Parliament’s recent nomination of Bradley Manning for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, and adding to that nomination by jointly nominating with him our (future Australian Senator) Julian Assange and Burma’s democracy and human rights activists Aung San Suu Kyi and her late husband Michael Aris.

You can download a full copy of  my actual letter here.

Nominations for the 2012 Nobel Prize categories closed in mid-February 2012.

But there is no reason why you cannot write to the Norwegian Nobel Committee of the Storting (by conventional mail, by email or by twitter) to reinforce to them the virtues of awarding the 2012 Nobel Prize for Peace to these worthy (and endangered) humanitarians.

Sunday 5 February 2012

Hon. Chairperson and Members

The Norwegian Nobel Committee

of the Storting (Norwegian Parliament),

Oslo, Norway

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. – Abraham LincolnBY Twitter: (Email:

Telephone: )

Dear Norwegian Nobel Committee


I wish to endorse the parliamentary group of The Movement of the Icelandic Parliament’s recent nomination of Bradley Manning for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize – .

I also take the great honour of nominating my fellow Australian whistleblower, Julian Paul Assange for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. As the worthy recipient of so many other prestigious international awards for journalism and human rights, I am sure Julian’s decades of good works, intelligence, courage and dedication to the pursuit of freedom are already as well known to your Committee as they are to the rest of us – .

I also take the honor of nominating the Lady of Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, in conjunction with her late husband Michael Aris (if that can now be accommodated within your rules). As the 1991 Nobel Peace Laureate, Lady Suu Kyi, the daughter of assassinated (General) Aung San and the late Lady Khin Kyi, needs no introduction to your august Committee. Her tireless efforts as Burmese pro-democracy leader politically imprisoned by the Burmese Military Government; Her “Letters from Burma” / “Freedom from Fear” prison writings (written under years of house arrest) – ; Her and Michael’s recent further immortalisation in Luc Besson‘s cinematographic bio-epic, “The Lady”; These amply demonstrate why Lady Suu Kyi would be a worthy ‘second-time’ recipient of your coveted award and why Michael’s contributions deserve equal recognition by your Committee – .

Personally, I think that nothing would be finer than for Bradley Manning, Julian Paul Assange, Lady Aung San Suu Kyi and the late Michael Aris to share the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012. That would send a powerful human rights, democracy and transparency message to the World’s leaders, to all governmen and governwomen of every rank, that they are to behave as the trusted servants of us, their peoples, and must no longer usurp our trusts through use of military, lawyerocratic and/or debtocratic devices and forces to make themselves oppressive masters and rulers over us.

Kind Regards,


Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor

(in the) Australian House of Representatives

Constitutional Human Rights Advocate

Solicitor and Barrister of the High Court of Australia

(Celebrating 20 Years of Legal Practice 1990 – 2010)

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Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer & Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (Commonwealth of Australia). Advocating Smaller, Open Governments with Lower Taxes and Smaller, Faster, Better Bureaucracy. Also Advocating Justice & Politics Reforms. Defending Families & Civil Rights and Freedoms. I also blog at


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