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Family Court Genocide

Ongoing #indigenous genocides, #HumanRights abuse of #Afghanistan'is and #AsylumSeekers, Australia's ruling @Lawyerocracy aboriginate more than 100,000 ordinary working class families every year via a $44BN pa corrupt, unconstitutional, killer family court system ... ☞☞☞ ...

    “Constituents have often lodged with me complaints about judgments handed down by the Family Court. In the aftermath of sometimes, but not always, bitter marriage breakdowns, more often than not those complaints focus mainly on the custodial and visiting rights of and with the children of broken marriages. Non-custodial parents often regard their children as having been stolen from them by Family Court sanctioned judgments and rulings. It is open to us to wonder if in adulthood some of those children might come to believe that they were indeed stolen from one of their parents by government edict. They might even think they are entitled to compensation.

Without entering into the merits of contemporary debate along similar lines about the treatment of Aboriginal children in our immediate past, Judge Alistair Nicholson’s statements while attending a recent conference in the United States struck me as singularly stupid. In the eyes of some, the court over which he presides as chief judge is the agent for separations of a kind similar to those about which he was prepared to express his abhorrence.

His political pronouncements made so publicly in San Francisco invite political comment on judgments for which he is ultimately responsible. Most members have resisted the temptation in the past but may not feel so constrained in future. If the chief judge finds his court the subject of political criticisms in the future, he might yet have cause to think about his forays into public political debates.”

I wish I could claim credit for these words, perhaps the most powerful three paragraphs ever spoken on the floor of the Australian House of Representatives during a time when the nation was supposedly at peace, and certainly was not engaged in any external war.

This powerful indictment of Australia’s corrupt, unconstitutional, killer family court was delivered by the Deputy Speaker of the House, Mr Alain Rocher on Monday 16 June 1997. You can view a copy of the Parliamentary Hansard, and a couple of more recent newspaper and other clippings corroborating this speech, by clicking on this link here.

Deputy Speaker Rocher was speaking as the then Honorable Member for Curtin (A Western Australian Electorate currently held by the Liberal Party’s Deputy Parliamentary Leader Ms Bronwyn Bishop.

Given that the Family Court and its “singularly stupid” then Chief Justice were denounced on the floor of the elected parliament as heading up a government agency that is the “agent for separations” of parent and child on an industrial scale, were virtually, beneath the diplomatic courtesy speech, denounced for crimes and as criminals against Australian kind humanity, the question has to be asked, why didn’t that Australian parliament, and why has no subsequent Australian parliament acted to shut down?

Does the answer lays in the historical and perpetual special class-interest representativeness of our three branches of government in Australia – the concentration of wealth and political power in the @Lawyerocracy – where 98% of parliamentarians, 99% of all senior public servants and 100% of all judicial officers are (third, fourth and fifth generation) members of and appointed from, by and for the ruling lawyer class elite?  Beneath the facade of rubber stamping ‘compulsory’ (or pay a fine or go to jail) State and Federal elections, which ultimately come down (on preferences) to a “two” horse vote for either “Liberal Candidate Lawyer A” or “Labor Candidate Lawyer B”, is it a @lawyerocracy we’ve found?

The economics of our our unconstitutional, killer, family court system certainly suggest so.

Over 100,000 new families are processed by the Australian family law system every year. Taxpayers fund the system to the tune of $4,000,000,000 (four billion dollars) a year. The equivalent of $40,000 per family processed each year. All of this, together with a quarter of the $40,000,000,000 (forty billion dollars) worth of divorce estate assets processed by the family law offices via their family law courts wind up in the pockets of and enriching the lives of 30,000 family lawyers and their families who feed of this misery – in a system that relies on false allegations, child and asset stripping to keep 30% of the members of the legal profession in Australia gainfully (and enjoyably for them) employed.

Of these 100,000 fathers, 100,000 mothers and 300,000 children (let’s ignore grandparents x 4, aunts, uncles, cousins (x 10?), friends and neighbours (x 50?), one in three of these men will be branded “drunken, violent, drug taking paedophiles (not just paedophiles but incestophiles) who were kicked out of home as teenagers for raping their unborn nieces” without due process, without rule of law, without standards of evidence, without rights to an attorney, without rights of presumption of innocence, without rights to a jury.

One in three children whose upset parents are naively led by lawyers into the slaughter of Australia’s corrupt, unconstitutional killer family courts will find themselves left to a life of misery and poverty, within 2 years (of a court process that typically drags out for 9 years in order to maximally deplete the family of assets) those children will never see their biological father again, based on such horrendous, unsupported, false allegations, whipped up into a frenzy by unethical (and technically incompetent) family lawyers who have eyes only for what they can get out of it, and family court judges appointed by those same family lawyers to serve and protect their own lawyer class interests – which can be readily observed by anyone visiting any family court room, any day, any where in Australia.

Is it any wonder that the family court / Child Support Agency death toll, which the Australian government (its bureaucrats, judiciary and parliamentarians) go to enormous lengths to keep hidden, exceeds 12 deaths a day – mostly “beat dead” dads, but including 1.5 exhausted mothers and 1 child under 18. It is Australia’s hidden genocide story.

US Television Judge, Judge Judy Scheindlin, the author of books such asBeauty Fades – Dumb is Forever and Don’t Pee on my Leg and tell me its Raining has this to say about the multi-billion dollar family fraud and false allegation industry in the United States, where the growing industry with a potential catchment of 309,000,000 (309 million) citizens is nowhere near as virulent or as hideously taxpayer funded yet as it is for the 22,000,000 (22 million) citizens in Australia (current taxpayer funding of USD$3.00 pa per US family compared to AUD$40,000 pa per Aussie family):

“American fathers are led down primrose path every dayin our family courts, often with disastrous legal results.

“They wind up in the Land of Gender Bias, where they are systematically stripped of their rights, often without the slightest idea of why it is happening to them.”

“If you think the mother-father disparity is outrageous, consider the sexual abuse syndrome, and how it affects visitation and custody disputes.
Here, the judicial impotence and  chronic blindness to men’s rights  would appall you.” 

“Courts are supposed to approach  cases of child custody, support  payments, and visitation rights in  what we call a gender-neutral  posture. It sounds fair, and it is fair.  But it is a myth. Judges are not enforcing these gender laws fairly,  and few seem to care.”

“We will see more of these problems  until fathers organize to demand  fairer treatment. So get it together  dads: You have a legitimate legal  beef and you need to make this a  public issue. Right now the courts  don’t hear you.”

And that was staunch (and genuine feminist) Judge Judy saying these things.  Let’s go back to (Western Australia male) Deputy Speaker Alain Rocher’s brave speech on the floor of the House, on 16 June 1997:

..those children .. that they were indeed stolen from one of their parents by government edict .. might even think they are entitled to compensation.”

Thirty five years this despicable and peculiar system, this family court abomination has been running. Multiply those 35 years by 300,000 children per year. Then halve that for conservatism (obviously in the first years of operation the family court system would more likely have processed, say, 25,000 rather than the 100,000 families as it is geared up to process today – in fact over 110,000 families went through its gates last financial year). Suppose each child is entitled to say (conservatively) $1,000,000 (one million dollars) compensation. But note that for many of these Aussie citizens and their estates particularly where the system has caused death – would require compensation in the $10,00,000 (tens of millions of dollars) for justice to be done.  And note that many of these children will have had repeat visits to the family court system as a child and then as a parent (eg 40 year old, “separation” child and then “separation” dad, Julian Assange) and some now even a third time as a grandparent.  But let’s stay conservative and say $1M per victim over the 35 year haul (so far). 

The potential damages claims of against the Australian government for this Family Court Genocide under these “Rocher Claims” easily exceeds several trillions of Australian Dollars.

I have already drafted up a couple of such claims. Of course, the Australian Government (and specifically that paragon of justice, the High Court of Australia) refuses to let me (or my, mostly, charity clients – and good luck trying to get legal aid funding from a government agency) to file them. Meanwhile criminal recriminations, human rights violations and other reprisals continue via the ‘courts’ and ‘bureaucracies’ and even by resort to outright criminal means of violence and property damage.  These recriminations and reprisals are exercised with full unconstitutional government powers and forces against the few whistleblowers still able to stand after being processed by the system, and especially more so against the very few such as myself who dare the courage to speak up against such unbridled evil and the perversion and hijacking of the processes of government, of parliament and of law, the courts and the bureaucracy, to achieve such vile ends.

Not content with centuries of corporal, economic and cultural genocidal practices waged against the first, indigenous Australians, the rulers of Australia (an arrogant middle sized power with an imperialist agenda super-glued to the United States, much like the Zionist State of Israel) is not content with aboriginating citizens of nations such as Afghanistan, West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Bougainville, the Solomons and Timor L’Este, and elsewhere in our Pacific sphere of influence. Nor are the rulers of Australia content with aboriginating the few (two thousand or so a year) humanitarian asylum seekers who wash up on our shores fleeing horrific stories of abuse and carrying amazing tales of heroism. Why are the rulers of Australia so long engaged in a process of aboriginating our own working class families (regardless of race, and almost regardless of wealth or station) on an industrial scale, employing assets and taxes taken from those same “beat dead” working class families, to fund their evil purposes and to fund and fulfil their own families?” – James Johnson

I will have much more to say and to do about defending Australians and our families against this evil, in the lead up to and following the next Australian Federal Election (which is scheduled to ‘must happen’ before August 2013).

James Johnson, Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (in the Australian House of Representatives)

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And be sure to catch my “Reality-Virtual Show” play “The Crucible (shortly to be produced for the screen) the next time it plays in your area. You can download an A4 Promotional Flyer, here.

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Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer & Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (Commonwealth of Australia). Advocating Smaller, Open Governments with Lower Taxes and Smaller, Faster, Better Bureaucracy. Also Advocating Justice & Politics Reforms. Defending Families & Civil Rights and Freedoms. I also blog at


10 thoughts on “Family Court Genocide

  1. Sometimes a parent is violent towards another parent or towards his or her child. He or she may harass, molest or stalk a child/spouse. An intervention or anti-stalking order may be sought from the Magistrates’ court against the violent parent.

    Posted by family lawyer perth | February 21, 2013, 6:59 pm
  2. As children back in late 70’s, we fled our home in the middle of the night after our father (who was child s.abuser, alcoholic) started destroying the house and ended up attempting to strangle my mother on our front porch as we tried to leave, I was flung to the ground while I tried to intervene and stepping on his feet to stop. We saw him on weekends, he would drink and continue to be abusive, we hated going to see him. He lost his right to see us the day he plouged the car when with us kids in it, into a ditch on the side of a busy road.

    Remember, there are plenty of ‘fathers’ out there who are abusive and half the time nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. The day mum said we didn’t have to see our father if we didn’t want to, was complete freedom – he was not fit to be a father.

    As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I will say this, if there are actual lawyers out there that are misleading and using abuse to gain ‘points’ towards their case IF there is no such abuse happening, should hang their heads in shame. They themselves are doing a disservice to real abuse cases a and a disservice to children everywhere; after all isn’t it meant to be in the best interest of the child and or children?

    Posted by Kate | June 17, 2013, 1:27 pm


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