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Australia commits suicide

A great piece by British writer, journalist and broadcaster and filmmaker, James Delingpole appears in today’s (British) Telegraph with the above photo under the heading “Australia Commits suicide”. 

Another worthy piece by Miranda Devine in yesterday’s (Australian) Telegraph under the heading “Carbon Wednesday and the view from New England and Lyne” paints the picture of two of Australia’s 150 MHRs voting AGAINST the wishes of, perhaps as many as 90% of their constitutents. [The Honorables MHR for New England and MHR for Lyne are supposedly 2 of Australia’s no more than perhaps 6 of our grand total of 150 Australian MHRs and 76 Australian Senators who supposedly DO represent the will of their constituent peoples and NOT the wills of Political Parties, Ministries, Ministers and the elite ruling class that masters them.]

These are dark days for a nation that has never strode a step down the Path to Democracy and whose rulers, clearly, continue to march us in the other direction.    Suicide is a strong word. Not too far out of place. Mad Politicians (ie Mad Laws and Lawyers) Disease – Yes that might be a more accurate diagnosis.  

As I have written many times in this Blog “On the Path to Democracy” Australia is a 1st rate nation ruled by a 4th generation of 5th rate lawyers who misuse our luck.

[98% of our MPs, 99% of our Ministers and Senior Bureaucrats and 100% of our Judiciary are all lawyers. 25 years ago 90% of Judges were non-lawyers, Justices of the Peace – such is the enclosure of our legal / political system.]

The carbon tax laws (it is an Enron style derivatives scheme drawn up by idiots that can’t even spell “Enron” let alone count, math or model correctly) will generate millions and maybe even billions for the lawyers’ economy. This is tribute that will flow into the lawyers mecca (that fabulously fabricated city of Canberra with its stainless steel street light poles and legal and its ambassadorial palaces) from sprawled cities and dusty towns like Perth, Brisbane, Sydney Melbourne Mt Isa, Darwin, Alice Springs, Ballarat, Kembla and Kalgoolie – the places where the people live under the rule of lawyers.  It doesn’t matter, to the lawyers economy (which is a cancer on our society) that the Australian host economy will become sicker.  

It is not enough for another (Rhodes scholar) lawyer-MP to make blood oaths to remove this crazy Enron, Enronomics Carbon Scheme if / when his political party half of the lawyer tribe takes the 3 reins of government power.  We need to look at changing the systems and institutions of law / government and the distribution of political power (its concentration in the lawyer class elite) that has made things like this lawyer carbon scam possible (against the will of the people) time and time again since the First Fleet (Prison / Police State / Invasion) of 1788, and right on since the “Great Constitutional Swindle” of 1901 Federation of Australia under the concentrated Rule of Lawyers.

Here is a link to “Australia commits suicide” by James Delingpole of the (British) Telegraph. Many of the 500 plus comments are as readable as James’ piece itself.

Here is a link to “Carbon Wednesday – the view from New England and Lyne” by Miranda Devine of the (Australian) Telegraph. Miranda is a consummate comment moderator too.  Many of the comments on her piece are highly readable too.

For a humble home-schooled Australian economics and finance whiz who is full bottle on Australia’s world (and citizen) beating Enronomic Carbon Derivative Scam, you can’t go past the blog and tweets from @BarnabyIsRight.

James Johnson CHR – Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor – Solicitor and Barrister of the High Court of Australia (Celebrating 20 Years of Legal Practice 1990 – 2010) – 13 October 2011

About JamesJohnsonCHR

Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer & Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (Commonwealth of Australia). Advocating Smaller, Open Governments with Lower Taxes and Smaller, Faster, Better Bureaucracy. Also Advocating Justice & Politics Reforms. Defending Families & Civil Rights and Freedoms. I also blog at


5 thoughts on “Australia commits suicide

  1. Sometimes in the future Barnaby will be able to prove that he is right. The conversations, debates are hotting up now that the CT is law. Senators Cormann and Wong are at each others throats. The continuing debate of woot/ woot not rumble in both houses. What happens come election time is going to be the most exciting ever. I’m so excited that I have had sleepless nights; neither my passion for making justice work and equality of people on law are being discussesd or remotely whispered in the corridors of the lawmakers nor the plight of abused children and their inalienable rights to be compensated are given a thought. It is painful to imagine that child abuse is left in the back burner. I cannot help but ponder. WHO ARE BENEFITING FROM CHILD ABUSE? THE CHILD NEVER DOES. The lawmakers should make the judiciary accountable for the way abused children are treated by the courts. Give abused children a special place in the justice system, it’s not too much to ask.

    Posted by Arlen Wood | October 13, 2011, 4:57 pm
  2. RT @JamesJohnsonCHR Australia commits suicide on Carbon Wednesday @JamesDelingpole @MirandaDevine @vexnews #HumanRights

    Posted by InjusticeGames (@InjusticeGames) | October 14, 2011, 7:43 am
  3. My thoughts on Canberra’s National Carbon Derivatives Tax Scam haven’t changed since March – see @GreenUpOz @vexnews #auspol #tcot

    Posted by James Johnson (@JamesJohnsonCHR) | October 14, 2011, 7:48 am
  4. Help free JULIAN ASSANGE either charge him or free him,he has the right to know what he fights for,justice ,freedom,the rights to live,everyone has a choice,the police chose to arrest him,without evidence of a crime,it happened to me,9allegations were made against me by my ex partner,all were thrown out of court,that’s the power of justice,she was never arrested for making false allegations afterwards,I didn’t press charges as it was an ex scourned,hard luck move on is my attitude,give assange a choice to live HIS life

    Posted by neil scott | January 27, 2012, 1:43 pm
  5. Neil Scott convicted on falsified blood by police officers in Middlesbrough cleveland teeside england ,police stated that blood was found at a burglary on 23 march 2009,they brought in 15 witnesses against neil to state guilty,throughout 15 court appearances,neil swore his blood was taken illegally by civilians at the station, police denied this,until, the witnesses turned tables on police stated Neil scott was telling the truth,G4Sstaff took both DNA and BLOOD from scott,and DC CRAWFORD sent it to forensics,as no blood was found,as neil stated to be true

    Posted by neil scott | January 27, 2012, 1:52 pm

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