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The Crucible – A First Degree Lawyer Horror Story

The Crucible is a real life Australian Court drama that tells, through actual court transcripts, the story of a real Australian family, nicknamed for legal reasons as the “Adams Family”.

The real “Adams Family” was one of the 100,000 families (and their suburban house and backyard part of $40 billion worth of family assets) processed during calendar year 2010 by the lucrative Australian Family Court (in)justice system.  This is a lawyers’ “lunch-a-lot” kick-started each year using $4 Billion of annual taxpayer funding and protected by some of the most circulatory legislation and practices on the planet.  Mathematically nimble readers will have already calculated that this $4Bn per annum of taxpayer pork works out to be $40,000 of taxpayer funds spent on lawyers for every one of these 100,000 Australian families processed by “the System”.

Arthur Miller‘s 1953 play The Crucible is a dramatization of the Salem witch trials that took place in Province of Massachusetts Bay during 1692 and 1693. Miller wrote the play as an allegory to McCarthyism, when the US government blacklisted accused communists and Miller himself was convicted of “contempt of Congress” by the House of Representatives’ Committee on Un-American Activities in 1956.”

This all new Australian play of the same borrowed title, The Crucible, is the first of James Johnson‘s three plays (so far) in the series ‘The Lie of the Law’.

The Adams family’s real names cannot be publicised.  Oppressive, illegal, suppression laws serve to hide the identities of the families from those who like James might otherwise be able to find them and help them.

The sinister Australian Family Court (in)justice system is the lucrative engine room for the lawyers economy.  Australia’s 30,000 family lawyers (upwards of 1 in 3 Australian lawyers) rely on the system and the human misery it / they produce for mainstream Australians, to fund their own families.  The system feeds them with three different sources of annual plunder:

  1. First is the $4 billion plus transferred annually by “the System” out of taxpayers’ pockets into the pockets of the judges, other lawyers and other public servants who staff these courts.
  2. On top of this, more than $40 billion worth of those Australian families’ assets are drawn and quartered through family lawyers’ courts and offices every year (the annual ‘drawing and quartering’ of divorce estates). One quarter ($10 bn) ends up going into those lawyers pockets.  
  3. Two quarters ($20bn) are dispersed back into the general economy via a heavy injection of cashflow and profits into the banking and repossession sectors.  

And the last quarter? 200,000 once loving couples are left to fight like dogs (to the obvious amusement of the plundering lawyers) for the last quarter ($10bn of an original $40bn) of their family wealth, both of them desperate not just for their own economic subsistence, but to cushion their new financial and emotionally impoverished circumstances.

The maths of course doesn’t work. One family of 2 adults and 3 children previously struggling to fund mortgages and debts in one house cannot be expected to fund two separated adults in two separated houses – however the children are redistributed.  After the lawyers have taken their quarter and plunged two more quarters into the banking system, the two battered parents are stripped to just a quarter of their original, single-household wealth left to redistribute between them.

Even these Malthusian calculations don’t tell the full extent of the lawyers wealth production process in these grim, humanrights hell holes.  Australia’s 30,000 family lawyers also pocket untold hundreds of millions of dollars (harder to quantify because much of it is hidden and indirect, but perhaps a billion or two more) from State legal aid funds and State and Federal welfare, women’s and other government agencies. These are yet more taxpayer funds that are applied in distorted, gender discriminating ways that would result in headline prosecutions, enormous fines and even jail terms for ordinary citizens or private corporations who dared to so blatantly disregard State, Federal and international anti-discrimination laws. In the past decade over $100m has been spent by the Australian Government via its Federal Minister and Office for Status of Women, who have “womens” counterparts in each State. Indicative of the gender divide, no Minister or Office for Status of Men or anything approximating them has ever been funded or ever been created by the Australian Federal, or any State Governments.

In telling the tale of these 100,000 Adams Families through the actual words and devilish deeds of the lawyers who “built, own and operate” the system The Crucible exposes the frightening 21st Century reality of an all-powerful Australian Government and its so-called “family” court system:

  1. that pursues anti-family, anti-social and anti-child policies professing to do so with under the delusionary Orwelian mantra of “in the best interests of the child”;
  2. that operates as a ‘court’ in name alone;
  3. where due processes of natural justice such as presumptions of innocence, standards of evidence, burdens of proof, rights to a jury, rights to an independent judge, rights to know the charges prior to trial (or even prior to ‘defending yourself’) and rights against “double-jeopardy” are non-existent.  
  4. where basic constitutional rights and international human rights standards for children and adults alike are “wholesale abandoned”; and
  5. where marriage (at least in cases of divorce) is a five-way relationship, with the primary parties being the Government first, the lawyers (including the judiciary) second, then the wife, a distant third, and, finally, the man a very remote fourth, while the fifth party in whose name so much is claimed to be done, the children, have zero say in it at all (literally, no representation, no presence and no say at all in most cases).

The dialogue and scenes in The Crucible will be familiar to the more than 2 million Australians (including upwards of 750,000 “banned dads” who have suffered first- or second-hand the injustices of the Australian Family Court system in recent times.  

The barbarity and inhumanity of “the System” is well demonstrated by the horrific social statistics that it produces.

On the Australian Government’s own figures, 4000 “Child Support Agency Clients” (Political “NewSpeak” for non custodial dads) die every year. That’s an average of 12 new deaths (many of them suicides not properly recorded as such) and 36 newly orphaned Aussie kids, happening every day in Australia. << note this data series was data-cleansed (vaccuumed) some 3 years ago see here  on the family law death toll. >> 

While the Australian Government does a good job at concealing or fudging many of the statistics, Australia is still left with some of the highest overall, male, child and adolescent suicide rates in the world, along with some of the highest depression, mental health and “self” harm statistics.

Other statistics show that the ‘system’ supplies at huge taxpayer expense more than 70% of the ‘criminal stock’ for the broader (lawyer encrusted) criminal justice ‘system’, the lawyers courts, police, prisons and legal aid.  

Former Independent Australian Politician Pauline Hanson’s criticisms of the family court system in her September 1996 maiden speech to an empty Australian House of Representatives (boycotted by parliamentarians from both the ‘2 Big’ political parties) are legendary.

Speaking out on these crimes under parliamentary privilege (and all but, if not, declaring the then Family Court of Australia’s Chief Justice Alistair Nicholson guilty of crimes against humanity), the then Deputy Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives Alan Rocher (the Independent Member for Curtin, WA) bemoaned:

 “Constituents have often lodged with me complaints about judgments handed down by the Family Court. In the aftermath of sometimes, but not always, bitter marriage breakdowns, more often than not these complaints focus mainly on the custodial and visiting rights of and with the children of broken marriages. Non-custodial parents often regard their children as having been stolen from them by Family Court sanctioned judgments and rulings. It is open to us to wonder if in adulthood some of those children might come to believe that they were indeed stolen from one of their parents by government edict. They might even think they are entitled to compensation.

Without entering into the merits of contemporary debate along similar lines about the treatment of Aboriginal children in our immediate past, Judge Alistair Nicholson’s statements while attending a recent conference in the United States struck me ass singularly stupid. In the eyes of some, the court over which he presides as chief judge is the agent for separations of a kind similar to those about which he was prepared to express his abhorrence.

His political pronouncements made so publicly in San Francisco invite political comments on judgments for which he is ultimately responsible. Most members have resisted the temptation in the past but may not feel so constrained in future. If the chief judge finds his court the subject of political criticism in the future, he might yet have cause to think about his forays into public political debates.”

That speech of 16 June 1997 was probably the most powerful, word for word, three paragraph speech ever made, ever recorded in Parliamentary Hansard by any Parliamentarian of any generation.

Unfortunately, nothing (or at least nothing good) was done after or since Deputy Speaker Rocher spoke in June 1997.  Nothing has been done to stem this ghastly lawyers’ gold mine from shattering and trafficking in the assets, children and lives of 100,000 plus Australian families. Quite the opposite in fact. On 29 January 2010 the Current Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland announced the doubling of the explicit taxpayer funding for this shameful human trafficking from $2bn to $4bn per annum ($40,000 per family as noted above).

By way of international comparison, the United States which at 309m population is 15 times larger than the 22m population of Australia spends, at State level, about $1bn a year on the court infrastructure to fund its own style of family law tyranny.

Julian Assange‘s personality and life have been shaped by his two decades of experiencing the horrors of our failed Family Court system (as a child from 1982 to 1987 and then as a distressed dad from 1989 to 1999). Clearly, those experiences of brutal human rights violations of him and his close and extended family were the inception for his wikileaks whistle blowing new media organisation.  

No wonder social and legal justice critics of the system (not just the late, former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Alain Rocher) draw comparisons with the genocidal practices of Nazi and other more recent cruel, murderous, authoritarian regimes. No wonder social and legal justice critics draw copmarisons with the barbaric “stolen generation” practices of our immediate past, waged against indigenous Australian children and families. Labels such as “phoney gender war”, “failed social engineering” and even “cold civil war” are also used widely to describe these inter-generational, mass family holocausts committed by “family” lawyers in tandem with and even protected by our Australian Government, via the edicts of “their” lawyer controlled “family” courts.

On a redeeming note, James Johnson is working with victims from all parts of Australia, with a view to bringing series after series of “Rocher claims” – class actions of the kind the Australian Parliament was warned about, and on Official Parliamentary Hansard, in June 1997.  << See: Lawyerocracy Victim Impact Register. >> These are pioneering classes of class actions, on a scale that would stagger even fellow international justice crusaders such as the amazing Ms Erin Brockovich. With up to 500,000 direct victims (100,000 families of 5) a year multiplied for each of the 35 years since the current family law Crucible system was first set up, the potential damages claims against the Australian Government from all these claims are measured in trillions of dollars, not just billions of dollars.

After seeing this modern documentary-drama tale of The Crucible, those who are fortunate enough that their families have not (yet) become intimately or fatally acquainted with this Australian Government sanctioned war of terror against ordinary Australian citizens will be left wondering whether the Australian Family Lawyers’ Law Courts of the 21st Century are even more inhumane, crooked, corrupt and predatory than their 1693 Massachusetts and 1956 McCarthyist cousins.  

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Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer & Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (Commonwealth of Australia). Advocating Smaller, Open Governments with Lower Taxes and Smaller, Faster, Better Bureaucracy. Also Advocating Justice & Politics Reforms. Defending Families & Civil Rights and Freedoms. I also blog at


7 thoughts on “The Crucible – A First Degree Lawyer Horror Story

  1. I haven’t seen my 6 children for 6 years. Need I say anymore. I sincerely hope you win the seat of Lalor James.

    Posted by Chris Savage | May 15, 2012, 9:54 pm
  2. This article, “The Crucible – A First Degree Lawyer Horror Story
    James Johnson” was in fact terrific. I am generating
    out a backup to demonstrate to my close friends. Thanks,Yasmin

    Posted by | January 27, 2013, 8:51 pm
  3. If the politicians believe that this is breaking news then seriously, it’s general knowledge and common sense that is needed here, of its the lawyers who benefit and the courts who have not 1 not 2 court dates but as many as it takes to clear out any assets a family might have. Lawyers don’t charge by the hour but by the day.

    Posted by Alex | September 13, 2015, 4:09 am


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