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Soylent Green and Gold – Is Australia A Splitting Evolution of the Human Species?













A Chilling Real-Politik Play

A chilling reality-political play by Independent Australian Political Candidate and Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer, James Johnson.

Soylent Green and Gold explores the dark realities of Australia’s Federation-sabotaged political-legal-judicial system of government and its consequences for 21st Century Australians.

Beginning the 21st Century with a long-entrenched hereditary ruling political establishment that has never allowed democracy, human rights or the rule of law for its 22M dis-informed, regulated and ruled non-lawyer citizens, Soylent Green and Gold turns the spotlight on the Australian establishment be exposing the effects of the dystopian Australian government system in creating, growing and exploiting (“harvesting”) social divides.

Soylent Green and Gold reveals a disturbing, generations-entrenched social divide between two distinct political-economic classes.

On top, are the Australian ruling, political elite (its lawyers and their lawyer class, about 100,000 strong). Lawyers make up 98% of all Federal and State Parliamentarians, 99% of all State and Federal Ministers and Senior Bureaucrats, and 100% of all State and Federal Judges and Magistrates, as they have done for every generation leading up to, at and since the Federation of Australian States (former British penal mining colonies) on 1 January 1901. Federation was achieved under a Lawyer’s Constitution, designed, drawn and owned by the ruling Federation era lawyers, and operated ever since by and for lawyers for themselves and for their future generations of lawyers.

Underfoot are the legally, politically, economically and increasingly socially disenfranchised and dispossessed 22M ordinary non-lawyer Australians, with upwards of 100,000 more non-lawyer Australian families being processed (their families and their “divorce estates” being “drawn and quartered” apart) in the lawyers’ so-called “family” law courts every year. This goes on beyond public or parliamentary or media scrutiny, behind ruthlessly maintained and enforced media gag laws and secrecy regimes that were the  very inception for Julian Assange and his Wikileaks assault on Government secrecy and universal deceipt.  What goes on is an extraordinarily ruthless display of social engineering, social fragmentation, the ritualistic cannibalism of lives and the economic redistribution of wealth and income from non-lawyer, divided households and families, to (double-)lawyer households and families.

Prophesies Handed Down from Past Generations

H.G.Wells was an outstanding thinker and polymath of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

As well as endowing us future generations with a rich legacy of political, humanist, scientific, science-fiction and political prophesy, H.G Wells (a non-lawyer) was also one of the principal founding fathers of the United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

In his 1895 novella The Time Machine H.G. Wells prophesied a dark future for the human race. It is a chilling glimpse of a future evolution of our species, an evolution that we must guard ourselves and our families against.

According to H.G. Wells we are at risk of a future (12 October 802,701 AD to be precise) where the human race has divided into two species:

“.. the beautiful Eloi [who] walk with a slow emotionless trance-like stride across the land like herded livestock … “ and are “nothing but fatted cattle to ..”

.. the Morlocks ..” who are “.. a hideous, dominant species of human degenerates who rule the planet from an underground citadel.”

Soylent Green and Gold – This is the second of James Johnson’s (screen) plays in his series The Lie of the Law.

The horror in this play doesn’t lay in any futuristic special effects or time-travel devices, central to H.G. Wells original Time Machine.

Nor does Soylent Green and Gold rely on any horror generated in scientific tales of cannibalism, which shocked Well’s 19th Century readers and 20th and 21st Century movie goers.

Cannibalism, and Charlton Heston’s unforgettable tag-line at the end of the movie, “Soylent Green is People,” are also central in a horror vision of an overcrowded and environmentally ruined 2022 New York City (population 30 million) from the award winning 1963 Sci-Fi Blockbuster Soylent Green.

James has obviously taken and “gilded” that title to make the title of his play Soylent Green and Gold.  But it is also a title which also pays homage to our nation’s immoderate and almost pathologically-bred devotion to watching and occasionally participating in the repetitive play of sports and games of competition, instead of what might be considered more ‘grown-up” pursuits of happiness, such as intellectual and industrial contributions to individual and social prosperity.

Australian Soylent Green and Gold is People

Vegetarians, vegans, animal liberationists and human liberationists can breath easy (for now) as there are no flesh eating cannibalism at play (yet) institutionalised in Australia’s parliamentary, bureaucratic or judicial institutions of State and Federal Government.

Australian lawyers and judges may be found to taunt, and financially and psychologically terrorise their prey.  But capital punishments ceased in Australia in the 1960s and, unlike English lawyers and judges of the time of King James and the Salem Massechusets Witchcraft trials, their victim’s ears are not served up on silver platters for lawyerly after-dinner amusement.

No the horror in this new, all Australian play (major movie screen rights to come) Soylent Green and Gold lays in the powerful, frightening, official Government source and origins of its script.

The script is an abridged but otherwise unadulterated transcript of recent Australian Federal Court proceedings. These Soylent Green and Gold words and deeds come directly from the dark, dingy, bone-crushing depths of Australian Government institutions and officers (parliamentarians, bureaucrats, judges and less senior lawyers). Soylent Green and Gold actually happened in the Federal Court of Australia on the morning of 10 November 2010 and judgement (by and for the Australian Governments and by and for the Australian lawyers) was given at 11:11 am on 11 November 2010.

Abandon all hope all lay people who enter the domain of the lawyers.

No actual, flesh-eating cannibalism, though some would argue that the processing of 100,000 more Australian families every year, and the financial cannibalism, rape and ruin of $40 billion plus of lay family “divorce estates”, and gouging on $4 billion to $14 billion of taxpayer funds every year (all fed into the economies and pockets of the elite ruling lawyer class) amounts to farming, processing and cannibalising of a kind not too different from that portrayed by HG Wells in print, or portrayed by Charlton Heston on the silver screen.

The horrors of Australia’s unconstitutional, killer family courts are becoming increasingly well documented. These so-called courts of order and law are an abomination against State laws, Federal laws, Constitutional laws, international laws, God’s laws, and even defy basic laws of nature.  They are central to the first of James Johnson’s Lie of the Law court room dramas, The Crucible.  The same recurrent themes of Australian lawmen and governmen (and governwomen) abuse of Australian families and citizens are also exposed, time and time again, across multiple generations of Australian families and societies during 220 years of White Australian history, in the third play in the Lie of the Law series, Seven Little Australians.

Consider Your Verdict

The horror central to Soylent Green and Gold lies in the 2010 words and deeds of real Australian government lawyers (including real Australian Judges), when not one, but two, Federal Judges each ruled, on not one, but two, separate occasions:

1. That Australian Federal and State Governments are not bound to operate within any constitutional limits set by the Australian Constitution or their own State Constitution;

2. That 21st Century Australians have no rights or status to seek or receive Federal Judicial protection from State Governments that choose to strip them of their precious few Australian Constitutional rights as Australian citizens; and

3. That far from being trusted by we the people to “safeguard” us and (supposedly) “our” Constitution and “our” (supposed) Constitutional rights, the Australian Federal Judiciary have no constitutional duty to police the Australian Constitution.

Prophesies Well Progressed into Being

Take a H.G Wellsian time shift, leaping back 800,690 years to present day Australia. Substitute “Lay” (modern English) people for “Eloi” (a Norman English simile?). Substitute “Lawlord” (modern English) for “Lawlock” (old English for “Lawlord”) for ”Moorlock” (old English for Lords of dark, sinister, boggy places).

Take a mere times hift of a decade, back from Soylent Green and its chilling vision of 2022 New York City, when dead and near to death human bodies are being secretly mass recycled as high protein energy biscuits, the staple food for the 21st Century masses.

Has Australia taken a substantial stumble down the path of a splitting evolution of the human species as prophesied and warned against in The Time Machine and in Soylent Green?

Are we a nation of a small powerful population of Lawlord “farmers” (as H.G. Wells prophesied, “ruling from dark underground citadels”) and lay people “fatted cattle”?

Are we Australians an advanced example of an advanced nation, fast advancing, and getting to the end of H.G. Well’s The Time Machine?

Have we Australians already substantially achieved H.G. Well’s prophetic split- evolution, seduced by our mineral wealth and sunshine and urban luxuries? Have we been hot-housed by the incubative and Government-dependence creating settings of our exclusively monetised economy and our highly urbanised society. Have we grown too dangerously accustomed to massive government and legal regulation and control and governman and lawman determination of virtually every aspect of our “ordinary” day to day lives?

And, if so, how have we Australians made this 800,000 year leap over just a handful of generations, and so many millenia faster than even HG Wells allowed for in his chilling turn of the 20th Century prophesies?

And are Australia’s Federal and State Governments (Australia’s parliaments, bureaucrats and courts) uniting as one to serve one elite class above and beyond all others – united as machinery for harvesting Soylent Green and Gold out of 22M lay Australians to fuel the enrichment of members of Australia’s 100,000 strong ruling lawyer class?

James Johnson

Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor

Constitutional Human Rights Advocate

Solicitor and Barrister of the High Court of Australia

(Celebrating 20 Years of Legal Practice 1990 – 2010)

Additional Information

Want to know more about H.G. Well’s The Time Machine? start with the review in Wikipedia.

Want to know more about Soylent Green? start with the review in Wikipedia.

Want to know more about the chilling accuracy of many of H.G.Well’s other political and social prophesies? start with the review of H.G. Wells’ 1933 work The Shape of Things to Come in Wikipedia.

Want to research more on Australian citizens multi-generational “short pants for every” lifestyle aspirations and our (3 generations ago!) “mediocre” governmen and governwomen, including the immortal best-selling line “Australia is a first rate [lucky] country run by (mostly) second rate people who mostly share its luck.”? start by reading Donald Horne’s The Lucky Country (1964) and his sequels Death of the Lucky Country (1976), Winner Take All (1980) and How I Came To Write the Lucky Country (2006).

About JamesJohnsonCHR

Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer & Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor (Commonwealth of Australia). Advocating Smaller, Open Governments with Lower Taxes and Smaller, Faster, Better Bureaucracy. Also Advocating Justice & Politics Reforms. Defending Families & Civil Rights and Freedoms. I also blog at


2 thoughts on “Soylent Green and Gold – Is Australia A Splitting Evolution of the Human Species?

  1. I can really see we are on a similar mission James, but using different tools. I intentionally set my last book in Australia. Queensland in particular, to be able to poke my allegorical tongue at the ruling elite. Instead of Canberra I used a farcical planet called Gloth and the old English Camera Stellata.

    Same result though. Rule by fear, threat and greed and burn all who stand in the way of a disgusting profit.

    Posted by Derek Haines | June 25, 2011, 8:29 pm
  2. @alexmassie & @NickBryantBBC #blog on Parliaments of Elite v Mob rule | @Colvinius @MarksLarks @IainDale @Derek_Haines

    Posted by InjusticeGames | June 28, 2011, 3:13 pm

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